The foundation

The SCimPULSE foundation, is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI, 501(c)3) registered in the Netherlands, operating EU-wide and beyond.

Created in 2013 as the culmination of a year-long conversation within a community of young researchers from several EU Universities and private enterprises reflecting on the alignment (or lack of) of institutional incentive schemes and real world challenges.

SF provides scientific brokering within and across complex research and innovation initiatives. It offers incubation and advisory at the startup phase of ambitious, high-risk projects, and offers a platform for the engagement of stakeholders, scientific and social alike.

SF contributes to its community by offering also the minimum bureaucratic and financial infrastructure to deal with private and non-institutional funding retaining a project’s independence and seamlessly mixing resources of diverse origins to guarantee a project’s continuity.

SCImPULSE Foundation embraces openness and transparency from ground up.

The Foundation main asset and expertise lies in facilitating and mediating to simplify the realization of complex projects.

This activity has led SF to acquire a set of skills and methods to identify local needs and barriers, and to reframe the challenge in tractable terms. Its statute bound to open-source licensing, SF has a strong expertise in community owned innovation, and in designing activities for sustainability and accountability. Its network extends beyond the research community and reaches out to partners from both the ranks of EU industries and supra-governmental organizations with whom SF analyzes how to make innovation scalable and relevant beyond the local realities.

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Stichting ScimPulse Foundation is a registered non-profit organization (ANBI, 501(c)3 equivalent) in the Netherlands

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