Science Shows

We come to you! That means there's no additional travel costs, recruiting parent helpers or the paperwork that comes with going off-site.

The Science in a Van works best with big audiences and we can see all your students in one morning! Each science show is engaging and interactive for the whole audience.

Each student will see the Science Stunt and one Science Show for only $4 per student excluding GST (minimum charge of 100 students per show).

Read outlines of the Science Shows below and you'll see that they are all linked to the New Zealand Science Curriculum.

Do you have over 500 students? Think about booking more than one day!

Timetable (we can adjust times to fit with your bell times):

8.40: Science in a Van arrives and sets up in the hall

9.15-9.35: Science Stunt for all students seeing shows today

9.45-10.30: Science Show 1 (chose from the shows below)

11.30-12.15: Science Show 2(chose from the shows below)

12.15-12.45: Science in a Van packs up and leaves the hall

The Physical World

Billy Goats Gruff : A tale of competing forces

A classic tale with some new twists! your juniors will be spellbound as they watch the crafty goats apply their knowledge of forces to move the terrifying troll. By the end of this storytelling your students will be able to use the words 'force' and 'friction'. They will also understand the effect of pulling and pushing a stationary object.

45 minute science storytelling show. Developed for Years 0-3.

Move It! Exploring the laws of motion

During this interactive show, your students will learn what Newton's three laws of motion are all about. They will then apply that knowledge to fly Space Chick Steve across the school hall! This show will get you thinking about how and why things move. Cleverly it introduces the concept of fair testing while exploring forces.

45 minute science show. Developed for Years 4-8.

The Science of Sound

Learn about the phenomena of sound! You and your students will be wowed by demonstrations which explore what sound is, how it is created and how sound behaves. Walk away with a clear explanation and understanding of volume, pitch and frequency. We’ll also break the sound barrier, see a teacher blasted by a pressure wave and have a laugh with a human xylophone.

45 minute science show. Developed for Years 4-8.

(Look at for a junior show about sound ... coming soon!)

The Material World

The Wonderful World of Bubbles

This experience facilitates exploration of identifying, classifying and investigating materials. Students will get an understanding of mixtures, how they can separate and how they can come together to create a reaction! During this show, we journey together through the scientific process of guessing (predicting), trying it out (testing) and seeing what happens (observations).

45 minute science show. Developed for Years 0-4.

What's the Matter? Understanding materials

What are the properties of a material? How many states of matter are there? This show will get your students excited about solids, liquids and gases. It introduces the periodic table in a fun way and demonstrates how elements can come together to make different materials. We discuss how materials can change with mixing and temperature and enjoy explosive experiments!

45 minute science show. Developed for Years 4-8.

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Science in a Van was established in 2010. In addition to facilitating over 300 science shows every year, Science in a Van also provide educational services to the following museums: