Melinda Kyle

Digital Evidence Portfolio

My Teaching Experiences

I am a graduate teacher in my first year of teaching, which in 2017 has been full time as a classroom teacher on year 4. This year has been filled with many opportunities for me to develop knowledge and my capabilities and to genuinely contribute to the lives of students and their families.

Some of my roles include helping staff plan and get prepared for social events, helping run a reading program after school for families and students that want to spend more time together reading, being an active participant in helping run and organise a school musical, and being a part of a variety of team teaching situations.

I am even engaged with introducing 'growth mindset' and a 'positive behaviour and learning' plan to my classroom, as I have done research around both of these areas and have been emerged within these areas in my practicum placements. This has been extremely rewarding towards behaviour management (giving students the confidence within their learning and helping those students who may be a little trickier than others to be rewarded for doing the right things and showing the right behaviours) , knowing my students and providing a safe, supportive learning environment.

Before starting my teaching career, I worked in after school care as an educator for four years and director of a centre for a year. With having worked with children for five years prior to teaching, I bring extensive knowledge of strategies to getting to know my students, how to relate to them and how to build a solid working relationship with them; how to create a safe and supportive learning environment, creating stable and visual routines and how to manage and de-escalate challenging behaviours.

I will provide further information under the 'Professional Knowledge', 'Professional Practice' and 'Professional Engagement' headings, exploring my growth as an educator, with reference to the AITSL Standards at the Proficient level. This work will allow me to reflect on my teaching experiences, and to progress to full teaching registration.