PS 390

Meet the Project Director

Melody A. Leib

Project Director, PS 390Q

Melody A. Leib, recently announced as the Project Director of 26Q390, has committed herself to building strong relationships between the community, parents and student body of District 26. Melody is focused on creating a school community that ensures equity for all and fosters civic engagement efforts for students to become 21st century critical thinkers, lifelong learners and contributing members of our society. Melody has a love for learning and continues to take an active role in pursuing professional learning opportunities that will enhance the learning and development of her school community.

​Throughout Melody’s career in education, she has served in various capacities working toward improving student achievement and creating sustainable systems. As a New York City educator, Melody has been a Teacher, Staff Developer, Network Instructional Coach, and an Assistant Principal. Melody is responsible for empowering students to become leaders through program initiatives such as STEAM, Enrichment Tasks and the Socratic Seminar. She spearheaded school- wide alignment practices in curriculum, common assessments, and student-friendly rubrics. Melody believes that every child should be the voice and the change they want to see for their school community and evolving global society. Melody’s drive has never stopped and she is excited to embark on this journey together in District 26 that leads to having each student be their best self!