Computer Science in District 26


We would also like you to Save the Date for two upcoming Computer Science events in June:

  • June 13-17 ~ Districtwide CS Hack-athon ~ Stay tuned to hear about how your school can participate this week!

  • June 14th at 3:30 PM ~ Register here and join us for our year-end BootUP Celebration and hear more about how we are expanding our work in computer science across the district!

Check out our recently released District 26 Spring CS Newsletter for updates, resources, and fun computer science experiences.

Archive: District 26's CS Fall Newsletter

CS "Chopped" Challenge

The CS “Chopped” challenge was designed for students, grades K-8, to demonstrate their computer science skills in Scratch or Scratch, Jr. around a central theme. Similar to the Food Network show “Chopped,” the CS “Chopped” Challenge required students to build their project using “secret ingredients” to highlight the theme of the week.

The challenges took place during the month of November 2021 as follows:

  • Week 1: Embracing Diversity (Students had to use at least two sprites and a sound block)

  • Week 2: What Makes a Hero (There had to be movement across the stage and use of a different costume or the paint editor tool to create one)

  • Week 3: Perseverance-Together is Better (Students had to use a loop and demonstrate trying something until they were successful)

There were over 300 projects submitted from across the district! Feel free to check out this video to hear more about it and see some of our student projects.

District 26 computer science vision

District 26 will teach computer science to build equity and opportunity for all students, particularly for traditionally underserved groups, leading to:

  • An increase in the diverse innovations, solutions, and new knowledge that positively contribute to society,

  • A greater recognition of and methods to critically examine and combat bias that may be coded in existing technologies,

  • More opportunities for young women and people of color to engage in STEM fields.

District 26 Computer Science Mission

Through computer science, we will engage students in problem solving and computational thinking as pathways for creative expression and voice in their own culturally responsive and sustaining 21st century education.

Meet the CS Task Force

  • Nicole Williams, P.S. 133 Principal

  • Jessica Cruz, P.S./I.S. 178 Principal

  • Dr. Tara Davidson, District 26 Deputy Superintendent

  • Daniel Gaylord, QN CS4ALL

  • Steven Gee, P.S. 173 Parent

  • Lily Ho, P.S. 133 Assistant Principal

  • Angela Hon, P.S. 173 Parent

  • Newton Ikhariale, P.S. 133 Parent

  • Clara Kang, P.S. 376 Principal

  • Peter Ng, P.S. 173 Parent

  • Vanessa Polonio, P.S. 376 Teacher

  • Daniel Racic, Consultant

  • Jo Ann Westhall, P.S. 31 Teacher

CS Creativity Spectacular

On February 4, 2021, we highlighted the following student video project submissions as part of the District 26 CS Video Contest which received 98 projects from 14 different schools.

Noah Blake

6th grade, M.S. 172

Wania Sohail

Kindergarten, P.S. 98

Zain Alkurdi

5th grade, P.S. 98

Jaelyn Jin

7th grade, M.S. 216

Anabel Salins

5th Grade, P.S. 18

Julieta Wiygul

5th grade, P.S. 98

Nisansi Abeyweera

3rd Grade, P.S. 188

Timothy Yang

3rd Grade, P.S. 115

Nicole Ciu

6th Grade, M.S. 216

Srabon Mia

5th Grade, P.S. 133

Danah Kim

4th Grade, P.S. 221

Tahan Ahmed

3rd Grade, P.S. 115