Your Guide to Remote SchoolNova

Dear parents and students:

In 2022-23, SchoolNova will continue to maintain an online part of its program. The list of all classes and clubs we offer online is posted on the table, along with in-person classes We are using two main tools, the Zoom videoconferencing program ( and Google Classroom (part of g-suite, a suite of tools developed by Google).

All classes will happen at regularly scheduled times over Zoom; each teacher will be hosting a Zoom meeting, which the students join as described below. Students will be able to ask questions and share their work. Each family needs to make sure they have downloaded and installed the Zoom app (it can be installed on a computer, tablet, or cell phone) and created an account.

All classwork and homework assignments will be posted on the SN website as usual. In your Google Classroom, teachers will post links to these teaching materials and other communication - including invitations to Zoom meetings.

We have created an account for each current SchoolNova student; instructions on accessing the Google Classroom are below. All homework completed by students should be uploaded inside Google Classroom and will be graded by the teacher or TA.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where to find student's username and password to log into Schoolnova G-suite

Student's email address (username) and password are privately displayed on each family account page . You will need this information to log into SchoolNova G Suite account.

How to log into SchoolNova G Suite account

Go to - Log in using the new email address and password (located on your family account page).

If you’re already logged into another G Suite or Gmail account, like your personal account, first choose Add account, and then log in. You'll also get access to other G Suite Apps: Google Classroom, Google Calendar and Google Drive.


What is SchoolNova virtual Classroom?

SchoolNova uses Google Cloud to present our educational material to our students online.

Our virtual classrooms are accessible through Google Classroom (log-in is required) . READ MORE

Weekly classwork material, homework assignments and grading, teacher's instructions and announcements will be posted in the Classrooms. Students will receive notifications and reminders by email. Please bookmark your classroom page in your browser.

Where to find Student's weekly assignment

All classwork and homework assignments will be posted on SN website as usual. In your Google classroom, teachers will post links to these teaching materials and other communication - including invitations to zoom meetings.

Assignments with their due dates are posted in each classroom and visible on the first classroom page called "Stream". Students will receive emails with notifications for each new assignment posted by the teacher.

How to turn in completed homework assignment

Depending on the assignment, student can turn in a completed personal document that his/her teacher assigned, create his/her own Google Doc, or add files to the assignment.


How to attend live online classes via Zoom App

SchoolNova classes are held live through the conferencing application called Zoom. Your teacher schedules an online meeting with the whole class at the time of your regularly scheduled SchoolNova lesson and posts the information in Google Classroom. The reminders with a link to the Meeting and the Meeting ID will be sent to each student weekly.


Am I allowed to record the class session for later use?

No. To provide a safe learning environment, all participants are prohibited to capture, record, obtain, distribute or use other participants’ images, videos and other personal information.

How to contact your teacher

Each teacher can be reached by email at


Who to contact for troubleshooting

With questions regarding difficulties logging into student's account please write to

If you have trouble navigating between the apps write to for help.

Technical difficulties with your electronic devices should be addressed with the device/app tech support.