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New Educator Onboarding Modules located at bottom of page.

Support Topics

SchoolBzz Overview

How to Create an Account

How to Sign in

How to Create my Profile in SchoolBzz

How to Create a Channel in SchoolBzz

How to Add/Edit Channel ABOUT

How to Post an Announcement

How to Post an Assignment

How to Integrate Google Classroom to your Channel

How to Add a Resource

How to Insert a Link

How to Invite Subscribers to Your Channel

How to Invite Contributors to Your Channel

How to Subscribe to Channels

How to Block/Unblock a Subscriber

How to Archive a Channel

How to Sign Out

Educator Onboarding Modules

Learn how to use SchoolBzz at your own pace

Module One: SchoolBzz Overview

Learn what SchoolBzz is and how it works (2:22)

Module Two: Your Profile

Learn how to setup and edit your SchoolBzz Profile Page (2:29)

Module Three: Channel Features

Learn how to create and edit a channel and the four sections within a channel: About, Announcements, Assignments and Resource section (3:22)

Module Four: Tips & Best Practices

Learn some tips and best practices to keep your parents engaged with your channel (2:51)

SchoolBzz Complete Walk Through Video

Complete walk-through from account creation to channel setup and user invitations. (24 min)

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