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Welcome to the Educator's Support Center for SchoolBzz! Below you will find step by step instructions, both written and video. There is also a FAQ section, that we are always updating,. If you can't find what you are looking for, or have a question please contact us at .

Support Topics

SchoolBzz Overview

How to Create an Account in SchoolBzz

How to Sign in to SchoolBzz

How to Create my Profile in SchoolBzz

How to Create a Channel in SchoolBzz

How to Add/Edit ABOUT in SchoolBzz

How to Post an Announcement

How to Post an Assignment

How to Add Google Classroom to your Channel

How to Post a Resource

How to Insert a Link into SchoolBzz

How to Invite Subscribers to Your Channel

How to Invite Other Contributors to Your Channel

How to Follow Other Channels

How to Block/Unblock a Subscriber

How to Archive a Channel

How to Sign Out

Educator Setup Walk-through Video

24 minutes long, complete walk-through from account creation, channel setup and inviting parents

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