Mrs. Donato's Class


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6-5 Our class created Chinese Dragon Puppets to commemorate our studies of Ancient China that we completed in the fall. They came out awesome!

5-10 Here are a few pictures from our 2nd grade field trip to The Henry Hudson Planetarium in Albany. It was hard to get because it was dark for most of the trip - can't see the stars when it's light out!

Sorry it took so long! Here is the video of us practicing our Grandparents' Day Song. They were awesome!

We will be performing a song on Grandparent's Day. If you would like to help your child practice the lyrics, they have brought them home in their HW folders and here is a link to the song that they can sing along to.

4-7 Today we met with a delivery driver who delivers healthy snacks to fill vending machines. He owns his own company and drives a box truck. He taught us a ton about running a business and being responsible for your vehicle!

4-5 Today we Skyped with a Canal Boat Captain from Lake Champlain and the Champlain Canal. He is also an underwater archaeologist who studies shipwrecks to learn about boats from long ago! What an awesome job!

3-31 Today we met with Mr. Renslow, who is a letter carrier. He explained to us how he uses his vehicle to help him deliver letters and packages. We found out how his job has changed since the Postal Service began hundreds of years ago. He also shocked us with how much walking he does everyday!

3-30 Today we met with a CDTA Bus Driver and were able to sit on the bus while learning all about why public transportation helps the environment! It was so neat to see how many of the features of a city bus are different from school busses and to find out why they need them. What a great visit!

3-29 Today we met with Mr. Craig, a Schodack school bus driver, who taught us about how important his job is in keeping the children in our community safe on their way to and from school every day. Mr. Craig surprised our class with personalized gifts for each student. We are so thankful for his time and that we have such a kind and thoughtful person helping our students every day.

3-28 WOW! We Facetimed with Chris, a corporate pilot, this afternoon. He shared so much information about what it is like to do his job everyday. He was also sitting on the jet aircraft while we spoke to him, so he was able to give us a tour of the inside and outside of the jet. We also saw the helicopters that his company owns as well. So interesting!

3-28 Today we are going to be Skyping with a pilot!! So exciting! Come back to see pictures!

3-27 Today we Facetimed with Chris, an Uber & Lyft driver in Boston. He had so much information to share with us about one of the most recent types of transportation to come about. What a cool way to get from place to place!

3-27 Make sure you are asking your child about our Transportation Project this week! We will be Skyping/meeting with an Uber Driver, School Bus Driver (our own Mr. Craig), a CDTA driver, and a Mail Carrier! We will be learning so much!

3-24 We tested out the new site today! Super fun on Splash Math!

3-23 Today we were so lucky to have Mr. Yager visit us and teach us all about what it was like to work on a submarine! We learned so much!

3-22 Today we Skyped with a mobile librarian named Rose! She taught us what it means to drive a book mobile. She helps so many people in her community by bringing them books and movies to entertain them and being a wonderful visitor to many people who can't get out to the library themselves. She brings the library to them! What a cool job!

3-10 Today we Skyped with Stephanie, a towboat pilot in the Gulf of Mexico! She explained what it's like to work on a boat. She has a tough job pulling and pushing barges all over and delivering fuel so that we can put gas in our cars. She even has to live on the towboat for almost a month at a time!

Enjoy watching our Pollination Movie Trailer that we presented at Monthly Morning Assembly - They did such a great job on their illustrations!