Here you will find a few programs that I have written and am making available for download here. The programs here are generally free to use. Do what you like with them. Give them to your friends, your relatives, even your dog, if you’ve taught it how to use a PC.

  • Session Arbiter – manages time limits for local login sessions on workstations running Windows Vista/7/8. Essentially, it aims to reproduce on regular workstations the functionality that exists for Remote Desktop Services that allows administrators to impose time limits on different kinds of login session.
  • Slideshow – a simple program for displaying JPEG files as a slideshow. Despite being the oldest program here, it remains one of the very few slideshow programs available with special features for multi-monitor systems.
  • ThinkPad Button Customiser – a program for reconfiguring the ThinkPad button on IBM T-Series and R-Series ThinkPad computers.

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