The smArt Room

My name is Ms. Stockbridge and I am the art teacher for grades 6-8 at Schalmont Middle School. I use this site along with my course pages and gradebook on to supplement and enhance classroom learning. Click the titles at the top right of the screen to visit informative pages.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, Please email me at

For Students wanting to earn extra credit in my class. Students may have 5 extra credit drawings before progress reports and 5 more before the end of the quarter, all labeled with name and period number to receive credit. These drawings may be handed in at any time but points are added to grade twice a quarter (before interim reports and again before final grades). Drawings must fill a standard sheet of printer paper and be colored or shaded. Points will be awarded based on time and effort spent on drawings, normally 1 point per drawing. Click the link below for Idea Starters.

Extra Credit Idea Starters