Reading Savages

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Reading SAVAGES!!

This year, students had until June 1st to blackout their bingo cards. Participation was off the charts and Ms. Brooks ran out of t-shirts, TWICE.

2017/2018 Reading Savages (in random order)

Zander Becker* 6th, Maya Lawrence 6th , Cassandra Kemos 8th, David Culver 8th, August Eymann 7th, Sofia Jimenez* 8th, Maisey Higgins* 7th, Zora Martin Etemadi 7th , Liliana Luengas 6th, Rory Sheinbaum 7th, Tara Liem* 7th , Daphne Johnson 6th, Summer Le Clair 6th, Kayden Crothers 6th , Gus Juhl 7th, Isa Lawrence 8th, Milo Ngo 6th, Aidan Krietz 7th , Jaina Earheart 6th, Kendall Keuper 7th, Christian Root 6th, Cruz Cooper 7th Scarlet Herr 6th, Zoe Huet 6th , Nayeli Dorff-Cardenas 6thAlly Wong* 7th , Conall Barber 7th , Amelia Wyland 6th Taj Davis 6th , West Carlson 8th, Alex Wong 7th Nina O'Farrell 7th , Rowan Jones 8th, Carlos Cruz Mar 6th Kanaea Bonn 8th , Carmen Diaz-Cashatt 6th, Alicia Guzman 6th , Maya Daodu 7th, Natalie Hunter 8th, Morgyn Michelson 8th, Maria Perez Torres 8th, Holly Boyd 8th, April Torres 7th Anais Huet 6th , Evan Byram 8th , Oscar Martinez Riblet 8th, Johnna Manson* 6th , Maya Seifert 6th, Yazmin Diaz Cruz 8th Nastassia Guevara 6th

Staff Savages: Ms. Brooks, Ms. Cameron, Ms. Thompson, Ms. O'Neil, Ms. Petersen-Lindberg, Mr. Norman, Ms. Harris, Ms. Moen

*Names with a star are double savages, having earned BLACKOUTS on the Savage Reading Bingo Card.

2016/2017 Reading Savages:

Kanaea Bonn 7th*

Morgyn Michelson 7th

Laura Garcia 8th

Tara Liem 6th

Sofia Jimenez 7th

Many thanks to the students who played our first ever Bingo Challenge.

The library loves to give out prizes and is looking forward to next year.

Kendall Keuper 6th

Cassandra Kemos 7th

Maisey Higgins 6th

Zora Martin Etemadi 6th

Ms. Brooks (librarian)

Katie Bare 8th

Abby Anderson 8th

Xitlali Zuniga-Gross 8th

Ayana Bush 8th*

Zora Soon Welch 6th*

*Names with a star are double savages, having earned BLACKOUTS on the Savage Reading Bingo Card.