Savannah Arts Academy Visual Art Department

The Visual Arts Department is one of the largest art majors with highly experienced instructors to guide, nurture, and inspire students to develop their potential as young artists. A well-rounded curriculum includes an understanding in art history, aesthetics, criticism, and production, which are used to focus on academic and artistic growth. Students are required to display their artwork on a regular basis in the school’s Fine Arts Gallery with exciting monthly theme related exhibits to showcase their artwork. Students are encouraged to submit artwork into local, state, and national competitions.

Alexander Durrence, Class of 2019

"Head in the Clouds"


Benjamin Frick, Class of 2019


Found Objects

Joshua Rogers, Class of 2021

"Personal Logo"

Adobe Illustrator

Alexa Pfeiffer, Class of 2018

"The Conversation"


Tula Gary, Class of 2020


Industrial netting, safety fencing, nylon straps, yarn

Jose Mendez, Class of 2019

"Forgiven Sins"


Emily Nguyen, Class of 2022

"The Horned Maiden"

Prismacolor Pencil

Kristina Lowry, Class of 2019

“Debility ”

Paint Markers & Acrylic