Counselors in Training

For youth entering 9th grade

Updated 2/8/2022: Per the Santa Clara County Office of Education and the California Department of Public Health, all participants of the Walden West Summer Programs are recommended to be fully vaccinated for for COVID-19. This includes a booster for those aged 12 and older, if eligible. Details from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • For children 5 years through 17 years of age, a primary series consists of 2 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

  • For persons 18 and older, a primary series consists of:

    • A 2-dose series of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna), or

    • A single-dose COVID-19 vaccine (Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine)

Stay Up to Date -

  • For some immunocompromised children aged 5–11 years old, CDC now recommends an additional dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to complete the primary series – a total of three doses.

  • CDC now recommends booster shots at 5 months after the completion of the primary series of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for those aged 12 and older.

Counselors in Training (CITs) is an immersive and engaging experience for incoming 9th graders that prepares them for leadership roles as camp counselors.

CITs learn how to administer games and activities, and ensure the well being and safety of all participants through focused play, discussion, and reflection.

As they play, CITs practice applying the skills each game teaches to positive interactions with Walden West campers and each other.

TBD: Since CITs participate and interact with the Summer Day Camp, they are invited to the Thursday night BBQ and campfire. CITs may also opt to stay for the night hike and spend the night under the stars. The CITs Thursday BBQ dinner and Friday breakfast and lunch are included in the registration fee.

Summer 2023 information coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to make a new account if my kids attended last summer?

  • Nope! Your account should still be active.

I am a new user to Ultra Camp. How do I create an account and profile for my child?

  • Parents/guardians will be setting up the account, and should Watch this video

  • Link to Ultra Camp

  • Click on “New User” and then follow the prompts to create an account.

  • On the My Account page, click on “Add Person” to make a profile for your child. Follow the prompts. Our programs are based on grade level, so be sure you have “Child” selected, and you have them in the grade they are going into for Fall 2022. Repeat this step for all children attending including children who will be HIGH SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS.

How do I register my child for a session? (after creating an account and your child's profile)

  • Login in to Ultra Camp.

  • Along the top menu bar, click on “Reservations”

  • Scroll down to the Summer Programs section

  • Select your session and follow the instructions to fill out the online registration

What if I forgot my username and password?

  • Click on the “Forgot your login information?” link and enter your email address. Your login information will be sent to you. If that still does not work, please email us at and we will send you the information you need.

What paperwork do I need to complete?

  • You can complete the online paperwork before you register or during registration. If you complete the forms before, you’ll just be asked to sign to confirm them during the registration process.

  • Login in to Ultra Camp.

  • From the side menu , select “Document Center”.

  • Complete the following forms for each participant:

    • Health Form (all programs)

    • Participant Waiver (all programs)

    • SUMMER Rules for Safety & Behavior

    • Transportation Authorization

    • SCCOE demographic information

What happens when it says the person is too old for the session?

  • Check to make sure you’re making a reservation for your child and not the parent/guardian or high school volunteer.

  • If the child’s profile was set to an adult, you’ll have to edit this to “Child” and then make sure to have the correct grade level you’re being asked for.

Is there a deposit or payment plan?

  • Not at this time. The full amount will be required at check-out.

Do I need to pay for the “Frozen Treat Pass” at registration?

  • If you know your child is going to want ice cream during their session, then it’s best to pay for it during registration so you don’t need to worry about it on your first day. But you can also purchase it through the online store (on Ultra Camp) any time before your session.

What if I didn’t receive my confirmation email after check-out?

  • The confirmation email will go to the email associated with the Primary Contact person on Ultra Camp. If you have not received it after your completed registration and payment, please call (408) 573-3050.

I completed registration but it says I have an “Incomplete Task” on the My Account page. What is that?

  • That is the task to upload your child’s / children’s COVID vaccination card.

    • You will need to upload Proof of Vaccination to Ultra Camp through the Document Center. Click HERE for details. This can be a photo or scan of the CDC card, or a screenshot of the CDPH digital vaccination record. It needs to have:

      • Name and birthdate of the participant

      • Dates of doses

      • Name of vaccine

    • Select Document Center from the side menu.

    • Click on the UPLOAD DOCUMENT button.

    • Select COVID-19 Vaccination.

    • Under Select Individual, choose the participant whose vaccination you are uploading.

    • Under Upload, find the vaccination file/picture on your computer or phone.

    • Click on the UPLOAD DOCUMENT button.

    • This process has to be manually confirmed on our end so please be patient! We should confirm the file within a day or two after you upload it.

    • If you have done this prior to registration, it’s ok! There is no need to re-upload it. We will verify all registrations before the session to make sure the campers all have a vaccination card attached to their profile. Again, this is done manually so please be patient.

Is there a cancellation policy?

  • There is a $150 cancellation fee. Cancellations can be made through Ultra Camp up until 8:00am two (2) Fridays before your session. After that time, any cancellation requests can be sent to for the $150 cancellation fee or $75 to switch to available weeks.(see information packet, page 7)

Are there scholarships available?

  • Email with the following information and we will let you know!

    • Parent/Guardian name

    • Child’s name

    • Week and program you’re looking to register for

Can I register my child for more than one week?

  • Not at this time. On page 7 of the information packet it states: Starting on March 28, 2022, email requests for additional weeks can be sent to


Is there anything for kindergarteners or 1st graders?

  • Not this year.

Is there anything for teenagers?

  • We have the Leaders in Training for incoming 8th graders and the Counselors in Training for incoming 9th graders. Please see the information packet for the details.

  • For incoming sophomores and older, we have our volunteer counselors. Please visit our summer volunteer website.

Is there anything for families?

  • Not this year.

Will my kids be in the same day camp group with their friends?

  • Yes. We will be dividing up the campers by grade level on the first day, so similar grade levels will be together and we’ll ask friends to stay together when we make the groups.

How do you divide the campers into groups?

  • By grade level, we'll have up to 8 groups.

  • Example: group 1 will have mostly 2nd graders, group 8 will have mostly 7th graders.

Can both of my kids be in the same group even though they are in different grade levels?

  • Yes. The older sibling will be asked to go down to the younger sibling’s group level.

Who uses the ropes course and climbing wall?

  • All groups will use the climbing wall. Our ropes course is designed for participants in 5th grade and up (groups 5-8).

Is there a bus?

  • Yes. Please see the bus information on page 9 and map on page 21 of the information packet.

Is there an early drop-off or late pick-up?

  • Yes. Please see page 9 of the information packet.

Will there be a Thursday evening BBQ, campfire, and overnight?

  • We’re working on that! We will update the information packet soon.