classroom Teachers

Outdoor School is an amazing opportunity for students, and we hope to make it as stress free as possible for visiting teachers. Remember most of the work is done before you arrive! Below is helpful information to make sure we are all organized and ready for your class.

Coordinating Teachers or Staff Member

This person is going to be the main contact person for organizing their school's week at Walden West Outdoor School. Before requesting a week, they should review the program information with their school administration. They can request more information by calling our main office at 408.573.3050 Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Once their school is confirmed, the Coordinating Teacher should follow the Coordinating Teacher checklist and communicate all information to other attending teachers. Here is some additional information:

Recruiting Volunteer Cabin Leaders

Recruitment should begin once your school has a scheduled date. Volunteer cabin leaders (high school sophomores and older) are needed to join your group for their week at camp. This is a great opportunity for your school to link to alumni and connect with past students and other teenagers in your local community.

Cabin Leaders:

  • Spend the week with your 5th/6th grade students at Walden West.

  • Assist and participate in all camp activities.

  • Stay overnight in the cabins with students.

  • Hike on-trail with trail groups.

  • Earn leadership skills, service-learning hours, a certificate of achievement, and an evaluation.

  • Receive training and support throughout the week.

Whom to recruit?

Recruitment Information for Teachers

Your district is contractually obligated to provide volunteer cabin leaders. Please begin recruiting in this order:

  1. High school students from your local high schools - reach out to your high schools and ask your students if they have siblings in high school. Direct them to the Volunteer Webpage for information and to apply.

  2. Classroom parents - If high school students are not applying or available, you should have your classroom parents ready to go. There are a few extra steps in the parent/adult registration process. Here is the Parent/Adult Cabin Leader Information Packet (coming soon).

  3. School staff - Last resort would be to have school staff be the cabin leaders for the week (they do not need to apply or register).

Contact information: • 408.573.3056