A Community of Math Learners

Welcome to the St. Clair CDSB Math Community

The goal of this website is to provide information to anyone and everyone who supports student learning in mathematics. A number of resources are available for your use and can be accessed via the menu located on the left section of each page (or via the drop-down menu at the top left of this page if you're visiting in mobile view). This includes:

  • Resources for parents to support their children's learning
  • Tools, resources, and research that supports mathematics instruction
  • Examples of learning in action
  • Opportunities to provide feedback about this website and Pathway of Learning resources

System Numeracy Learning Focus:

How can we plan starting with clustered expectations and the big ideas with responsively sequenced lessons so that we can improve consolidation of student learning?

System Learning Theory of Action 2018-2019:

If we understand and implement the foundations and conditions for innovative learning, then all learners will develop 21st century competencies and improve achievement in literacy and numeracy.

Supporting Our Strategic Plan 2017/2018