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I know life can get pretty hectic and seem unorganized at times, so I tried to make this site easy to follow for both students and parents alike. Please feel free to add the Reading calendar to your Google Calendar. I will try to keep all assignments up-to-date and that way you and your son or daughter have easy access to what needs to be done. Please, help your son or daughter keep up-to-date with their planner by checking it on a nightly basis. More will be added to this site throughout the year so please bookmark or favorite it, so you can have easy access to any materials.

Get to Know Me

In middle school, I was told that I would make a great teacher, I explained to her that I was going to be a vet. Needless to say, after many chemistry and biology classes I entered college determined to earn a degree in BioChem. With little idea of how I would use that degree long term, I hated the sight of blood, needles, or really anything "gross".

As my first year went by, I thought of my second love, English. Growing up, I had the best and worst teachers on this subject, but I still always loved it. I'm easily drawn to a good book- hence GOOD, it's true, not all books are created equal, some are downright terrible... I finished my education at the University of Eau Claire Wisconsin and received a Bachelors of Education in 2012. While there, I had plenty of opportunities to work with some of the best professors I've known. Rob Reid grew my love for young adult literature, Kao Kalia Yang my love of writing, Blake Westerlund my appreciation of poetry, and still so many more. As much as I'd love if my job was reading all day, it's pretty darn close! I get to share this passion with students that still haven't found their "good" book. Trust me, if my mom has one, so does your son or daughter! It only took her about 40 years to find one... With my help, let's make that number go down by a few decades!

What else? I was honored with my M.A. in Education PD from the University of River Falls in 2015. I have taught reading and writing in some form for the last 6 years, my how the time flies! I am a co-advisor for Student Council and a volleyball coach here at the middle school.

Activities outside of the job? I eat. All. the. Time. No, really. Your students will be able to attest to this shortly... I had the option on my trip to Italy to see the catacombs or eat one more lasagna before my trip home. I chose the lasagna, and it was only 102 degrees outside at the time. Best choice. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that alongside my eating, I love to travel. Not the transportation part, but the exploring! Some of the most memorable experiences in my life have occured while traveling. Like reading, traveling can take you to new places, with new people, and give you the adventure of a lifetime along the way!