Mr. Soderberg

Principal, St. Croix Central High

Bachelor of Science, 1993, UW-Stevens Point

Master of Science, 1995, South Dakota State University

Administrative License, 2008, Marian University

In the fall of 2016, my family and I joined the SCC family. My wife, Paula and I have three children. Our entire family has enjoyed the move to the area and are thankful for the wonderful people we've met.

I have spent my entire adult life in education as a teacher, coach, and administrator. Our career and schooling opportunities have taken across the midwest including South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, and of course, Wisconsin. I've had the pleasure of working at the high school and collegiate levels as a teacher, coach, and administrator. At each stop we've met wonderful people and made lifelong friends.

SCC is truly an amazing place. We have great teachers, talented students, families who support our schools, and a school board that leads the way with integrity and student-centered decision making. I believe deeply in the district vision and mission and strive each day to work with our staff, students, and families to make them a reality.

I believe in exploring the very best practices to enhance the student experience and maximize learning. At times that will require us to move away from traditional methods and at other times it will reinforce some of our traditional practices.

We will strive to provide our students with incredible opportunities in the arts, academics, and athletics. Achieving excellence and doing it with class and integrity is the expectation in all of our endeavors.

Go Panthers.

The Soderberg Family (Kurt, Paula, Kennedy, Will, and Griffin)