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Welcome back for another great year at SCC. This is my 14th year as the library media specialist for the district. One of my favorite parts of working in the library is how the space and activities have transformed over the past ten years. The library is no longer a quite place, full of books and students working at tables. Sure we still have books, but we also have a green screen video area, collaborative spaces, makerspace activities, and much more. I'm excited to share all of these things with the students at SCC in support of their continued growth.

I also act as the district's website & social media manager. This includes updating the website and posting information to our social media pages. This job can only be done with the support of the SCC staff, many of whom share the amazing events and student successes that happen around our district.


Phone: 715-796-2256 ext 2151

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My Educational Background

At UW-Eau Claire I earned a bachelors degree in secondary education as a social studies major. At the same time, I also earned a minor in educational library science. This minor allowed me to attain this wonderful position at SCC. In May 2011, I was also awarded a masters of education from UW - Eau Claire in the study of library science.