Homework is assigned to reinforce concepts and skills taught in the classroom.

District Homework Policy

What a typical HW assignment looks like:


  • Reading 30 minutes
  • Wordly Wise or Spelling
  • Math - TBD
  • Writing

Wordly Wise

Mon. A

Tues. B

Wed. C and D

Thurs. E



Mon. - Interactive Sort & Writing Sort (computer)

Tues. - Speed Sort (computer) & Sentences (notebook)

Wed. - Draw/Label (notebook)

Thurs. - Blind Sort (computer)


What are Homework Passes?

Homework passes are a motivational teaching tool that can be earned and used by students throughout the school year. Each Homework pass excuses the student from 1 evening of HW except reading. (It is very important that you read every night! 📚)

How do I earn HW Passes?

You can earn HW passes by:

  1. Completing 1 month of HW without missing a single assignment.
  2. Winning the weekly raffle.
  3. On your birthday! 🎂🎈

How do I win the weekly raffle?

You can win the weekly raffle by having your raffle ticket drawn from the collection jar on Friday(s).

Students are able to earn raffle tickets by:

  1. Acts of Kindness.
  2. Helping classmates.
  3. Keeping materials organized.
  4. Following directions.
  5. Classroom participation.