Spanish 3

Semester ONE

Scappoose World Languages

Español 3

Unit #1 El 4 hasta el 13 de septiembre El Cortejo

Unit #2 El León y la Cebra

Unit #3 La Muchacha y la Ardilla

Unit #4 La Madre de Jason

Unit #5 Coco review

Unit #6 Ruidos en la noche

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ext. 5106

Course Description

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! Our main goal is to get you to understand and speak a new language. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone does!

In this course, our goal will be to acquire Spanish language. “Acquiring” a language is very different than “learning” a language. Acquiring is something that happens to you instead something that you make happen. When you learned how to speak your first language, you acquired it naturally by listening to other people speak it around you for a long time; not by studying it. Therefore, almost all of our class time will be spent using Spanish--not using English to talk about Spanish--and the focus will be on listening and reading, speaking and writing. We will watch movies in Spanish including Coco. Comprehension will come more naturally as you take in more and more Spanish by watching, listening and reading

Pre Requirements

  • C or better in Language Arts & Spanish

Materials Needed

  1. Personal earbuds or headphones
  2. A pencil or pen
  3. Loose leaf paper and binder for handouts & notes

Grading Policy

Students must pass all standards with a C or higher in order to pass the class.

90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

60-69 D

59 and below F

Grading Evaluation

60% - Unit tests (summative assessments)

10% - Quizzes (formative assessments)

20% homework/personal management

Speaking and listening are included

10% midterm/final

Your grade will be determined by how your performance compares to the

standard expected for each category.

Advanced A

You are confident and are reaching for the next level.

Proficient B

You consistently meet the standard without help from the teacher and are ready to move on.

Developing C

You can meet the standard in familiar tasks and situations.

Emerging D

You know what to do to meet the standard and can do some things, but need help accomplishing it.

Beginning F

You know what the standard is, but are confused and probably frustrated. You need some help to get started!

Classroom Rules

1. Listen with the intent to understand

2. Use whiteboards to suggest cute answers

3. One person speaks, everyone else listens

4. Sit up straight with squared shoulders and clear


5. Speak Spanish, not English!

6. Do your 50%

7. Make it clear when you don’t understand (We will come up with a gesture in class to signal when you’re confused)

Homework Policy:

Completed late homework will be accepted for

50 percent credit.

En la clase de español: Helpful phrases and responses in Spanish class

Phrases: Responses:

Tengo una pregunta.

I have a question...

¿Sí? Dime.

Yes? Tell me.

¿Cómo se dice…?

How do you say…?

Se dice...

You say...

¿Cómo se escribe…?

How do you spell…?

Se escribe...

It’s spelled...

No entiendo. ¿Puede repetir?

I don’t understand. Can you repeat that?

Más despacio, por favor.

More slowly, please.

Claro que sí.

Yes, of course.

¿Sabes qué significa…?

Do you know what _____ means?

No, no sé.

No, I don’t know.

Sí, significa (quiere decir)...

Yes, it means...


Thank you.

De nada.

You’re welcome.

Perdón. / Lo siento.

I’m sorry.

Está bien.

It’s okay.

Instrucciones: Some phrases your teacher might ask you to do.

Levanten la mano.

Raise your hand.

Cierren los libros.

Close your books.

Pasen la tarea al frente.

Pass the homework to the front.



Estamos en la página...

We’re on page...

Levántense, por favor.

Stand up, please.

¡Su atención, por favor!

Your attention, please.

Miren la pizarra.

Look at the board.

Siéntense, por favor.

Sit down, please.

Silencio, por favor.

Silence, please.

Saquen una hoja de papel.

Take out a piece of paper.

Repitan después de mí.

Repeat after me.

Abran sus carpetas de anillas...

Open your binders to...