An Affordable Housing Linkage Fee

for the City of Los Angeles

COALITION for a JUST LA is a growing coalition of advocates across LA County working to make Los Angeles more safe, healthy, and equitable. The coalition supports the Linkage Fee as one important tool to make LA a livable city for everyone.

The Linkage Fee focuses on establishing a permanent source of local funds to build affordable homes.

Key Facts:

The Linkage Fee will build between 10,000 and 13,000 affordable homes over the next ten years

The Linkage Fee will generate between $90 million - $130 million each year to fund affordable housing

People who pay the fee are mostly large-scale residential and commercial developments that require a building permit

        • There are many exemptions to this fee that are listed in the Ordinance Background and Frequently Asked Questions under Resources. Important neighborhood drivers that are exempt from paying the fee include small businesses, grocery stores, and affordable housing developments.

Los Angeles is the only major US city that does not have a permanent local revenue stream to fund affordable housing construction.