Responsible Beverage Service Training

Attention restaurant servers and bartenders:

On-Premises ABC Card training is held once a month at SCAD Coalition Office.

You must register online at

Call 423-742-1025 or email for more information.

Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Training

On Premise, Off Premise and Responsible Wine Vendor Training.

SCAD Coalition is offering On Premises training for servers and bartenders to receive their ABC Cards. We also can train for Off Premises Sales and Responsible Wine Vendor.

We will use the Aim To Serve curriculum. The goal is for alcoholic beverage servers and vendors to leave the class with a better understanding of the great responsibility that they have as a server of alcohol. A server's job is no different than any other profession with regard to professionalism and responsibility. The training will teach new terms, techniques, strategies, and short cuts that will make them a more responsible server of alcohol.

The objective of the program is for the server and sellers of alcohol to understand how to prevent underage drinking and to improve the ability of the server to recognize signs of intoxication. In addition, it will help give servers an understanding on how to ensure that their guests will have a safe time while they are drinking in your establishment. This training will also help improve servers’ and seller's confidence in handling the sometimes difficult situations which may arise from time to time in your establishment. We will teach you how alcohol interacts with the body and brain, how to identify intoxication and who might have a potential higher risk of becoming intoxicated.

Upon completion of this course you will be ABC certified. The test results will be submitted to your local state agencies, and as required, for the issuance of any government license (ABC card). It is also good practice to have servers carry a copy of the server permit as well as having a copy at your establishment.

RBS Training Details

and FAQs

Date, Time and Location of Training:

The On-premise training will be held every 2nd or 3rd Monday of the month starting at 9AM. Location will be at the office of Sullivan County Anti-Drug Coalition in Blountville. To register for the class you can call or email Melony Ison ( .

If you need Off-Premise training or Responsible Wine Vendor Training, please call or email Melony Ison and she will make arrangements based on your needs.

What you need to bring:

You will need to bring an state issued photo ID, pen, and $50 either as cash, company check, or money order. No personal checks will be accepted. You may want to bring snacks and lunch as this is at least a five hour long class. If you have been convicted of a crime, please contact Melony Ison before the class to know what to bring.

What is the ABC?

The Alcoholic Beverage Commission is responsible for the enforcement and regulation of all phases of liquor by the drink in most states.

What is A Server Permit/ABC Card?

The ABC card is what you need to serve alcohol at any liquor-by-the-drink establishment in most states. A 5 hour instructional class is required by law to obtain this card. In this class you will learn alcohol awareness, the proper techniques for prevention and carding, and proper intervention. This also keeps you up to date on any changes in the laws on service of alcohol.

How do I acquire my ABC Server Permit?

Sign up for a certified class online through State of Tennessee's website RLPS. Pass the server permit class, fill out the application online and any additional paperwork required. The Server Permit will be emailed to you once they receive the paperwork from the class and process that you have passed.

Is there a grace period for obtaining a card?

There is a sixty-one (61) day grace period from date of hire or a promotion from a non-serving position to a serving position (example - host to server). If you already have an ABC card and your card is about to expire, you must obtain a new permit before your old one expires with no grace period.