Arlington Heights Library

Mrs. Stauffer

Welcome to the library! Students have library class once in a six day cycle. Kindergarten and first-grade students may select one book to take home for the week. Older students may select two books. Students must return all items to select new books to read.

Your child will experience a wonderful selection of literature to read. In library class students will learn how to select, find, and choose the appropriate book to read. Younger students will enjoy a variety of books read to them by the librarian. While older students will learn how to write book reviews and short research papers. Emphasis is placed on learning the skills needed to succeed in the middle school.

You can always reach Mrs. Stauffer or Miss Selvenis at 570-421-5962.

You can enjoy searching the book catalog with your child prior to library day. Follow these directions:

  • Go to the school website at
  • Go to - student, then choose links from the drop down menu.
  • Select - Arlington.
  • Select - catalog.
  • You may run searches with your child to help them find the right books. Make sure you write down the call number and check to see if the book is available.

Happy Searching!