TJ Walker Innovation Hour Showcase

Welcome to the TJ Walker Middle School Innovation Hour Showcase. Each semester, students in our school are invited to learn something new through a self-selected Innovation Hour project in the middle school library. Projects can take many forms from exploring electronic circuits, to learning how to code using JavaScript, to creating a stop motion animation video. This website is a platform for students to share their projects, and what they've learned from them, with the world. We hope you learn something new too!

Video Production: iMovie, WeVideo, Animoto, Adobe Spark

StikBot Studio Animation & Drawing by Do Ink

Hue Animation Studio Pixar in a Box (Khan Acad.)

Green Screen by Do Ink LEGO Story Visualizer

Graphic Novels Toontastic

Stop-Motion Animation Green Screen

Snap Circuits Little Bits

Sketch-up Tinkercad

LEGO Mechanisms Little Bits

Cardboard Challenge Rube Goldberg

LEGO Chain Reactions KEVA Planks

Magna-Tiles Circuitry Board Games