SBSD Health Services

Elementary Schools

School nurses play an essential role in keeping children healthy, safe, and ready to learn. Each of our elementary schools is staffed by a Registered Nurse with a Vermont State School Nurse endorsement acquired through the Department of Education. In addition, staffing may be complemented by an LPN or Health Assistant. We maintain compliance, of a full time school nurse to student ratio of 1/500, as mandated by the Department of Education through the Vermont School Quality Standards.

The role of the school nurse includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Developing Individual Health Care Plans
  • Maintaining student health records
  • Reporting Mandated Requirements:
      • Infectious Disease Reporting
      • Child Abuse and Maltreatment Reporting
      • Vermont Annual Immunization Reporting
      • Vermont Annual School Nurse Report on Asthma, Insurance, and Well Care Visits, Dental Exams
      • Screening as required by law
  • Ensuring that all mandated screenings are completed; including rescreening and referring those with validated failure results.
  • Promoting and providing education around health topics/issues.
  • Assisting students and families in management of chronic illnesses.
  • Reviewing and maintaining students’ immunization records for school entry and attendance requirements.
      • Assisting families with accessing immunizations and healthcare.
  • Providing injury and first aid care.
  • Dispensing medication according to Standards of Practice: School Health Services Manual and SBSD Medication Administration Procedures.
  • Participating as a team member to the school’s interdisciplinary team to maximize learning and wellness in a healthy, safe environment.
  • Providing leadership for the provision of school health services.
  • Carrying out health appraisals and referring students, to the medical home or to specialists, for unmet needs.
  • Ensuring that updated health information on students is collected annually.
  • Developing procedures and protocols related to health services.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a yearly well care visit with a health care provider for all school-aged students. Well care visits focus on age-specific screenings, prevention, and the overall physical, social, and emotional health and well-being of children and adolescents. The following does not replace the need for a yearly well care visit:

    • Exams and screenings done to complete the child's sports clearance (necessary in middle and high school);
    • Urgent visits to health care providers for an injury or illness.

Our school district supports this recommendation. For more information, please contact the school nurse.