Virtual Field Trips

YOUTUBE 360 -- explore places, animals, and things through 3D YouTube videos

  1. Start by searching for a topic on

  2. To sort out 360 videos, click the FILTERS button (top left) and select 360 under FEATURES (see screenshot below). Updated results will be only 360 videos.

  3. To look around, use your fingers or trackpad/mouse to move around within the video.

VIEW ANIMALS IN 3D -- observe 3D virtual animals (wolves, pandas, cheetahs, sharks, eagles, tigers and many more) through Google Searches on mobile devices (phones or tablets only)

  1. Open Google and type the name of than animal you want to see (not all animals are available)

  2. Scroll down and tap View in 3D

  3. Move around while pointing your phone or tablet on the floor and wait until it recognizes a base for the animal to appear.

  4. That's it! Change the animal's size by zooming in or out. You can also drag and drop it to move it around.

GOOGLE ARTS & CULTURE - explore museums, artwork, cultural exhibits, and places in 3D

  1. Use search in upper right to search for topics

2. Click on images in search results to preview contents.

OTHER VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP SOURCES -- check out these lists of virtual field trips to all sorts of museums, zoos, aquariums, parks, and other interesting landmarks