Ever want to travel? Now is your chance. Did you know you can go around the world, even the galaxy, even fantastical locations without having to leave the comfort of your own room, or school? The library is your one stop shop to quench your thirst for adventure. Find answers to all of your questions either in person or virtually.

Read, Learn, Create, Solve, Share


A school library should be the center of every school. The library serves as a connector between academic disciplines and belongs to teachers and students as much as to the librarian. The media center exists to help students find information both print and online. I believe the most important role of the library is to help students become life-long learners as they discover the joy of independent reading.


1) To instill in students a desire to be life-long readers and to have the ability to search for answers independently in the Media Center.

2) To acquire and maintain a balanced collection of resources, which represent a wide range of subjects, levels of difficulty and formats.

3) To provide learning experiences which encourage students to become proficient users of information and technology.

4) To support the district’s curriculum and the teachers' classroom programs by providing necessary materials and appropriate guidance and instruction to students.

5) To support the district’s curriculum and the teacher’s classroom programs by providing a range of resources, technology, and professional development opportunities for teachers.

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