Miss Cellary's Math Classes

Open House Information

Please find the video, Powerpoint, and Zoom session link that is respective to the class period your child attends math class.

Open House Math 2021.mov
Open House 2021 Grade 8 Math.ppt
8th Grade Algebra Open House 2021.mov
Open House 2021 Grade 8 Algebra.ppt
8th Grade Math Open House 2021.mov
Open House 2021 Grade 8 Math 2.ppt

Dear Students and Parents,

Please check Google Classroom each day for the math assignments. Make sure to come to class each day prepared with all necessary materials: textbook, workbook, notebook or binder, and sharpened pencils. You can reach me through email. Please see below for the textbook websites. Stay safe and healthy everyone!


Miss Cellary

Welcome to 8th grade math! We have many concepts and skills to cover this year! If you need to reference your textbooks they can be found on the following websites for your particular class:

If you have any questions I can be reached by email at cellaryh@sbs-nj.org

I am looking forward to a great year!