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Mrs. Ames

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Hi friends. I hope you are all doing well. I think about you daily so I provided you with activities to help keep up your skills and give you some fun things to do during your day. You can email me with your comments or questions. Hope to see you real soon.
Sincerely, Mrs.Ames

Pre - K - Kindergarten Resources and Activities

Trace objects on paper with crayons

Color using counter-clockwise circular coloring strokes

Place tissue paper over pictures and trace them with a pizza wheel

Make small clay balls using only one hand

Create pop bead animals

Play board games incorporating dice or a spinner for finger dexterity

Place coins into a slotted container one at a time with the thumb and index finger. Make it a timed contest.

Practice different yoga postures for strength and balance.

Create an obstacle course in your home using furniture, small toys and mark the course with painters tape.

Rock your body and Roll your body on a carpeted floor or wrapped in a blanket.

Resource for activities https://www.rehabalternatives.com/2016/11/10/occupational-therapy-activities-for-children/


Grades 1 - 2 Resources and Activities

Coloring using small counterclockwise circular strokes

Toss a tennis ball from right hand to left hand and back with a 2 foot high arc

Circle objects in a magazine and cut them out to glue and make a collage with a theme ( ie. favorite games, favorite snacks )

Board games using dice, spinners and small manipulative objects as tokens

Sidewalk drawing with chalk

Fingerpaint on a paper plate with pudding

Button all of the buttons on clothing before putting away

Toss all the families socks in a pile, grab and match as a contest

Activity books with dot to dot, mazes, hidden pictures

Games that use tools to play ( tweezers, bingo markers, toy hammers )

Resources: https://www.rehabalternatives.com/2016/11/10/occupational-therapy-activities-for-children


Handwriting Without Tears https://www.lwtears.com/freeresources

Grades 3 - 4 Resources and Activities

Handwriting practice using cursive loops to fill in a drawing of a geometric shape (i.e. draw a square and fill it in with writing lines) for accuracy

Heavy work activities to develop upper body , hand and arm strength ( push ups, climbing, house work, yard work, toss a basketball to partner at close range )

Card games, coin games (left/right/center), Mancala

Activity books (mazes, hidden pictures, dot to dot, follow the arrow or number)

Paper airplane folding

Spiral cut a paper to create a long snake appearance when opened. Decorate and hang it.

Use a push pin to create pin holes to outline a picture taped to cardboard or styrofoam

Doodle tops and wikki stix for fun

Play classical music while doing school work

Block building activities and following diagrams

Resources: www.therapyops.com/occupational-therapy-resources

Handwriting Without Tears www.lwtears.com/freeresources


Grades 5 - 8 Resources and Activities

Visual Perception activities, mazes, puzzles, patterns

Copying a picture using a grid

Same and different pictures

Complete the picture

Hidden figures and hidden pictures

Daily practice of your signature in cursive

Color by number

Paper folding and origami

Practice keyboarding skills to increase your words per minute and accuracy

Card game assembly ( Rubiks tangle, Labyrinth, Sets, )

Board games, Rush Hour, Robot Face Race,Tengram Puzzles, Spot It

Resources: Google Visual Perception to find lots of catalogs with activities

Use any of the above listed resources