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ONLINE P.E Requirements and Expectations

Question: What is expected of all students for Online P.E?

• All students must be in the appropriate google classroom according to their schedule; HOPE, Weight Lifting, Team Sports, Basketball, Volleyball.

• Google Class Codes are located in Focus as a data grade, if students do not know the code that goes with their class, Please check there.

• Students are responsible for completing weekly assignments on google classroom that includes daily assessments.

• There will be a Daily Assessment on a google form called “Self Evaluation,” there should be 1 for each day of the week, it should be labeled “Self-Evaluation- Monday, or Tuesday, Wednesday, Etc

• Students do not need to do anything else with the form except fill it out. Once they have completed all questions the form will automatically submit the answers to the coaches.

• On Friday when students complete their last self evaluation they will hit the “submit” button on the google class assignment to signify that they completed all forms and they are done with the weekly assignment. AT THIS TIME they will get their grade for the week!

Question: How will students be graded during this time?

• Students will receive a weekly test grade based off of their participation in the daily assignments.

• If the student submits a google form for every day Monday-Friday, AND Turns in the assignment at the end of the week they will receive a 100%

• Students are not required to do physical activity due to “no supervision and liability” they are only assessing if they have done it because it is a healthy lifestyle choice. IF students are doing physical activity with supervision and or on their own because they would be doing it regardless of an assignment that is totally up to them.

• ANY quizzes that come up as an assignment will be clearly labeled and in the instructions of the google class assignment. They will be counted as a quiz grade as usual.

• Google Classroom is SOLEY the only way that we can get assignments to our students. We will make sure that instructions are clear and deadlines/ due dates are visible so that there is absolutely no confusion as to what to expect for the online p.e class.

Question: Will students be meeting with teachers/coaches at their assigned time?

• NO students will not be required to be online for a meeting with coaches for the allotted time. We understand this is all very new and do not want to make more work, plus we have many, many classes and having them all meet at the same time is not plausible.

Question: How does a student get into contact with a coach if they have questions?

• If students have questions about what is required of them then they can email their coach and we will get back to them ASAP.

• On the google classroom assignments there will always be contact info for every coach and how to email us with questions.

• Students can only email on personal email addresses as the and @4300# does not have a email box Teachers cannot reply to those messages, it is best to use a personal email.

• Please state: Student Name, Class, and Period before asking the question so that coaches can respond immediately with the proper answer.

• Parents, should reach out to their students coach if their student has an 504, IEP or any other accommodations for communication. If not, students should be contacting coaches to keep the open line of communication be between student and teacher. If parents have a question regarding anything else they can contact us. We want to make sure that students are still taking responsibility for their work and communication is a huge part of that.

Question: What standards are you using for these assignments?

• We will be using standards: PE.912.L.3.1, HE.912.B.3, HE.912.P.7

ALL Students MUST SIGN IN VIA CLASS LINK to be marked present for the day!

-Make sure you sign in BEFORE 3pm every day!

- Even if your class is technically an A or B day class, just sign in your computer to do work every day USING CLASS LINK.

This is how all teachers have to mark our attendance it is the easiest way to know that you are online doing school work!

-There has been multiple students doing the work on google classroom which is GREAT but didn’t log into class link so they look "absent."

-It is your responsibility to follow the directions to make sure you are in compliance to the rules set out by the school district, it is also your responsibility to look on the google classrooms and see what work you are supposed to be doing for your teachers and following the instructions they provide. You are in high school it is your grades, your attendance, and your graduation that is on the line not your parents or guardians, you need to start looking in focus and being aware of what is going on in your own classes. Do not depend on your parents to let you know what work you need to be doing.

***ATTENTION Students with multiple P.E Classes!


-It has been brough to our attention that you cannot submit 2 OR 3 FORMS for different classes. This is how we are solving this problem.

You only have to fill out the daily self evaluation forms once for all of your classes.



Health Opportunities in Physical Education

This course is a FL State required class to develop and enhance healthy behaviors that influence lifestyle choices and student health and fitness. The content will include, but not limited to, the following: Mental/Emotional/Social Health, Physical Activity, Components of Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Planning, Diseases and Disorders, Health Advocacy, First Aid/CPR, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention, Human Sexuality including Abstinence and HIV, Internet Safety.

Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting class will enable students to acquire; basic knowledge and skills in proper lifting technique, improve muscular strength/endurance, and begin to enhance self-image, and to develop the physical skills necessary to be competent in many forms of movement as it relates to weight training. The integration of fitness concepts throughout the content is critical to the success of this course.

Team Sports, Basketball, Volleyball

The purpose of these courses are to develop the physical skills necessary to be competent in many forms of movement, knowledge of sports concepts such as offensive and defensive strategies and tactics, and appropriate social behaviors within a team or group setting. The integration of fitness concepts throughout the content is critical to the success of this course.

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Girls Volleyball & Weight Lifting

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