TK Supplies

School Supplies:

Option 1 – Grade specific school supplies may be ordered through the PTO at the end of the current school year for the upcoming school year. If you order your supplies through the PTO, they will be in the classroom at the Back to School Open House and will need to be labeled.

Option 2 - If you did not pre-order your student’s supplies, please bring the following items to the Back to School Open House:

      • 1 bottle of Elmer’s white glue (4oz.)
      • 2 boxes of 24 count crayons
      • 1 box Crayola brand markers (not fine tip)
      • Metal Fiskars scissors
      • School supply box (small size)
      • 3-prong plastic folder (yellow)
      • 2-pocket folder (student choice of color/no pictures)
      • 2 boxes of facial tissues (OPTIONAL)

ALL students also need…

      • Towel for rest time (no nap mats, sleeping bags, or stuffed animals)
      • Backpack (standard school size – large enough to comfortably fit a folder)
      • A complete change of clothes appropriate for the season (including underwear and socks). Please put these in a plastic bag/baggie labeled with your child’s name. These will be kept at school until they are used or when the seasons change.

* All supply boxes/containers will need to be labeled. A great time saving way to do this is to create Return Address labels with your child’s name on them; then place the label on the object.

OPTIONAL Classroom Supplies - Can be donated anytime during the year if your budget allows.

    • baggies - any size
    • 5 oz paper cups to be used for drinks throughout the day
    • napkins - for snacks