Catholic School Week

Experiment Walking Water

Children in Miss Byrne's class and Mrs. Reilly's class were reading buddies. They spent some time listening to a story and then worked with their buddy to design a hot air balloon telling about their story.

Snapshots of Grade 1B

The children are learning about the Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. We packed our bags and took the high speed train from Seoul to where the games are being held. We took a virtual tour of the area. We are learning about teamwork and how important it is to practice something and do your best. We combined some of our celebration of 100 days with the olympic games. We had Bobsled Compound Word Races and math facts for our Skeleton Race. We will continue to have more academic games surrounding the olympics. The children made badges and enjoyed a little treat for 100 days of school. We did some math graphing and adding using m&ms and smarties in small groups and they had to tell the strategies that were used. We did 100 exercises in groups of ten. We read a story of different ways to count to ten and which way was easier in certain situations. We discussed all the ideas they could think of pertaining to the last 100 days and illustrated some of their favorites. We have done quite alot as one student said.

The children in grade 1B celebrated Dr. Seuss Day by watching a video about him. They also listened to a biography about his life. They made Dr. Seuss hats and wrote facts from the story or video onto their hats. We also played Green Eggs and Ham Tic Tac Toe with our spelling words. They will also use them for their math facts.

Learning Higher Math

Chase Bell and Bobby Banks from grade 6 visited grade 1B to teach them about the math concept of PI. The boys did an awesome job explaining this concept to the class. They were well prepared using their power point presentation and having the boys and girls participate in the lesson. They even quizzed them at the end of the lesson.

Literacy Night for Grade 1B

Literacy Night was a huge success! The children enjoyed seeing Jerry Pallotta again and purchasing a book or two. Laura Miller, librarian from South Boston Public Library had an interesting presentation at her table. I hope the parents and students that attended our "Make it,Take It" session enjoyed their time together. The children brought in the game they made to play with other students during literacy center time. We watched the video-"If You Take A Mouse To School," during class and the children wrote their own stories of where they would Take A Mouse ...

Special Grandparents and Friends Day

The children were so excited to have their special guests come in today. They made special badges for them. They got to show off some of the things they have been learning...We played , "Are You As Smart As A First Grader?" The secret was- Look and Listen To what is being asked ! We played Tic Tac Toe with questions that our guests had to listen to a student's answer in order to answer" their" question....We had a super time playing the game and answering these tough questions! The children got to spend some time with their guests: reading, writing, talking and giving tours of the classroom. Before our guests left, they wrote a message in the child's journal. Memories...