First STEM Project

The children did their first STEM project with Ms. Damiano. They had a challenge to build a marshmellow tower working as a team and only using certain items. Then, they had to measure it to see how tall they had built it. It was exciting, amazing, interesting and sturdy.

1OOTH Day Activities

Grade 1B had a surprise 100th Day Breakfast this morning with two pancakes and 1 one sausage and orange juice! The children really enjoyed It! We also did a 100th Day M&M Project where the children worked in teams and had to answer questions about 100 m&ms. We worked with a list of 100 words and counted the number of items on the page that had to equal 100. This included some math strategiea that we have been working on this year.

Learning How To Code

Our computer engineers are learning how to code. They are learning how to input instructions that the ipad/computer needs in order to function. We will be using this new information and applying it to literacy and math. They are experimenting with choosing characters and settings. They are making their characters move in different directions and changing the size of them too. It's challenging to make something fly, jump, walk or return to where it started. (All by programmimg it.) They will be writing a story about their projects. We will be adding some math to their projects too.

Grade 1B has been preparing for an imaginary trip to Israel! We packed our bags, made out our tickets, have our passports and got to Logan Airport. We were all checked in by the ticket people and the State Troopers. We boarded the plane and two very friendly flight attendants helped us, went over the rules and even passed out snacks.(M&Ms thanks to Avan.) The pilots told us to get ready, buckle up and some things to see along the way. We are at the hotel now and the two men at the hotel who checked us in were so quick checking us in and showing us our rooms. We will continue our trip because we have alot more to do in Israel now that we are in Israel....

The children love seeing our elf-WINTER in our classroom. Santa sent a note telling us to expect his friend. WINTER has written to us every day and left a note in our mailbox outside our classroom. He even brought a friend with him-the Gingerbread Man to see what the boys and girls were doing in the art center. (Writing a story and making gingerbread with glitter!)

Fall News!

The children have been learning about the season of Fall. We have read alot of books ( fiction and non-fiction ), poems. articles and incorporated it into our math stories. . The children learned how labeling sometimes helps you understand the story. They also used magnifying glasses to get a good look at signs of fall up close. They collected signs of fall to make a project.


Buddy Reading

As part of Catholic School Week:

Grade 1B students and Miss vonEschen's Kindergarten class spent some time reading "I Spy Books!" They worked together to try to read and find the hidden pictures. Then, they had a "Thanksgiving Hidden Picture" paper to try. It was a little more challenging for all, but they did a great job! We look forward to spending more time with our new buddies. It was also Pajama Day!

We are taking some time out of our busy day to do some yoga moves! The children spotted one another to check that the proper form was being done...

Mis Teresa stopped by to read a story-Stellaluna. It was a perfect choice since we are studying bats and spiders! The children are learning to read/ follow directions in the science and art centers.

We are working on building words with letter cards, This will help with our spelling words correctly and making our writing easier.

The children practice their math facts by themselves or with each other. Knowing math facts help solve word problems.

The children listened to a story on Scholastic News about a shipment of 61 bins of legos that fell overboard 21 years ago and lego pieces are still turning up all over the world. We pretended to collect some pieces and the children had to cnstruct a buildings with strong foundations. Then, they had to write about their building.