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Thursday: Gym

Friday: Music

Hello Families, We are off to a wonderful start in first grade! Check this site often as there will be photos and information on what we are learning and doing in our class. In Science we have been learning about the season of Autumn and the changes it brings in nature. Please remember to have your child bring in signs of Fall on Thursday, October 25, as we will be doing a special project.

Here we are all smiles on a beautiful day!

Autumn Science Project

After studying about the season of Fall, the children gathered signs of Autumn in nature. Here we are recording our findings and making a collage of the items.

Fun on Halloween

Math Class With Mrs. Civian!

1A invited Mrs. Civian into our class to teach us a math lesson. We know she loves math as much as we do! Mrs. Civian said she learned new math strategies from us! We told her about the various strategies we use as mathematicians; adding using the nine trick, thinking addition to solve subtraction, fact families, using a number line to solve, using part-part-whole mats, knowing our doubles facts, doubles plus one, doubles plus two, tap and count, tap and draw. She told us that we are using "Algebraic Thinking!" We rotated in groups to participate in different math activities. It was so much fun that we can not wait for Mrs. Civian to come back again!

Reading With Our Second Grade Book Buddies

STEM Class

We had STEM class with Ms. Damiano. We worked in teams to try to create the tallest tower that would hold one marshmallow at the top of the tower. Our only supplies were spaghetti, tape, one piece of string, and one marshmallow. As we were working to build, we learned that the size and shape of the base is most important to support a tower. What a fun challenge!

100th Day of School!

February 11th was our 100th day of school. We began counting on September 5th, our first day of first grade. Since then, we have been busy with many on-going activities. We have been tallying 100 days of school, charting 100 days of weather and recording this information on bar graphs, have been counting tens, ones and now hundreds, are learning different combinations of 100 cents, as well as other activities. We read the Bible story "The Good Shepherd." In this story we learned that the good shepherd had 100 sheep. One sheep left the flock and because the shepherd loved all of his sheep, as Jesus loves all of us, he went looking for the sheep and rescued him. The children created a mural of this story using 100 cotton balls as the sheep. We enjoyed doing various culminating activities today that tied these concepts together. Ms. McCarthy read "Pancakes Pancakes" by Eric Carle. We learned that there are many steps that go into making pancakes starting with chopping down the wheat. One of the highlights of the day was the surprise pancake breakfast we had after reading the book. Each child had a plate with a sausage that was facing vertical and two pancakes to the right of it to form the number 100.