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Each of these libraries is also an individual link:

Selected Children's ebooks 

Selected Children's audiobooks 

The Summa is for everyone 

Savio Library Selected Spiritual Reading Ebooks 

Savio Library Selected Spiritual Reading Audiobooks 

Savio Library Selected Ebooks 

Savio Library Selected Audiobooks 

Spanish ebooks and audiobooks 

Savio Library World War I Ebooks and Audiobooks 

Since these are public links, they can be found using the links provided. Since they are restricted in editing privileges, all anyone using them can do is to access the ebooks and audiobooks provided. Materials cannot be changed or edited for other content. 

There will eventually be thousands of books loaded on each link. 

Therefore, these links can be shared with schools. All they need to do is to put the links somewhere on their schools' Websites. These would be particularly helpful for the schools with no library personnel. For no charge, they get access.

To install any of these links to ebooks and audiobooks on your device (phone or tablet) copy the link above, and email it to yourself. You can also email me at and I'll send it to you. Your device should give you choices on how you want to view this link. One of these should be Add to Home Screen (this may be different on Android devices.) Select Add to Home Screen. It will put the link to this list as an icon on your device. To read or listen, just scroll through and find what you like.

The books available here are from recommended lists including: 

Selected Reading List for Catholic K-12 Schools-Cardinal Newman Society 

Thomas Aquinas College Syllabus 

Christendom College Reading List 

and about 4 other lists from colleges and universities.

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