SAVEM Supporters

Through a Biosecurity SA initiative, the South Australian Veterinary Surgeons’ Board holds a database of veterinarians wishing to be notified of an emergency or disease incident. About 300 people each year register in this category. Biosecurity SA has allowed SAVEM access to this list.

Veterinary nurses and wildlife carers are welcome and encouraged to take part in SAVEM training workshops.

Some veterinary clinics have registered their interest to be Regional Coordination Centres (RCC) at time of emergency. The RCC nearest to the incident will be ready to assist in distribution of resources to “fast track” a response.

SAVEM receives industry supports through Veterinary supplier ProVet, who has generously participated in establishing supply protocols to support logistics during emergencies.

A number of the animal welfare organisations are either recognised within the State Emergency Plan (RSPCA) or are listed with SAVEM (Animal Welfare League, Fauna Rescue and Minton Farm are some.)

SAVEM will progressively build ties with more groups offering specialist skills likely to be required during a response. The response from such groups approached has been to pledge unequivocal support.

Non-veterinary volunteers offer a wide range of skills and assistance, and can fill a variety of essential roles.

Over the last 15 years, the veterinary school at UC Davis in the United States has under Dr. John Madigan operated its Veterinary Emergency Response Team (VERT). SAVEM’s mission and processes share much commonality with VERT and and SAVEM's vision is to build local function and capacity to a similar level.

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