Summer School 2019

Dear Students and Families-

We wanted to make sure that everyone knows about the great music programs that we offer throughout the summertime. Here is a run-down of the possibilities:

  • #602 - Summer Concert Band (Current Grades 5-11) - Mr. Koscinski (Tues & Thurs 2-3 pm)
      • For all students to continue playing in a group format throughout summer. We will focus on concert band literature (both standard and popular)
  • #603 - High School Voice Lessons (Current Grades 8-11) - Mr. Brennan
  • #604 - Middle School Show Choir (Current Grades 4-7) - Mr. Brennan (P3)
      • Students will work on the elements of show choir (singing, dancing and acting) and putting them together in a culminating performance in July.
  • #607 - High School Instrumental Lessons (Current Grades 8-11) - Mr. Koscinski
  • #611 - High School Marching Band (Current Grades 8-11) - Mr. Koscinski (See schedule from Mr. Koscinski for details)
      • For all students that are members of the 2019 HS Marching Band. We will learn and perfect our 2019 show.
  • #615 - Middle School Marching Band (Current Grades 5-7) - Mr. Koscinski (Tues & Thurs 12:00-1:30pm)
      • For all middle school students that want to begin to learn the basics of marching. We play some fun popular music along with marching in the Cow Chip Parade.

Please log into your Skyward Account (Parent) to register for these summer options in “arena scheduling” prior to May 8th. These are great opportunities for you/your child to continue to develop their music and performance skills over the summer in a great fun format. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either Mr. Brennan or Mr. Koscinski.


Mr. Brennan - HS Choir Director 608-643-5956

Mr. Koscinski - HS Band Director 608-643-5957