School Counselor

Kristen Burke

School Counselor Role

As a school counselor my goal is to help each student realize their full potential by providing support and guidance here at school. I lead classroom guidance lessons (though on hold for now) and work with individuals and groups of students to help promote student success and well being. I also consult with teachers and parents, make referrals to outside resources, and case manage 504 plans. I lead the 6th Grade Safety Program, Cougar Pride Families, K-Kids, Variety Show, and am the advisor to the student led Kindness Club. I can be reached at or (603) 447-3369 ext. 5181.

Mission Statement

SAU #9 K-8 School Counselors Mission Statement:

To provide comprehensive guidance services to all students to assist in their academic, personal and social growth and career readiness. Guidance programming focuses on creating a positive school climate and preparing students to become responsible citizens in a diverse and changing world.

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