Social Emotional Learning


Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning is embedded into the Common Core State Standards. It covers areas such as self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship skills and responsible decision making. These are life-long skills needed to be successful at work and at home. The four C's of 21st Century learning include communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Communication and collaboration are important SEL skills that students need to develop over time. Flexibility, adaptability and leadership skills are also crucial skills necessary in today's world. School counselors, teachers and parents work together to teach students these important skills.


by Jaime Lee Curtis and illustrated by Laura Cornell

by Anna Llenas

By award winning actress Lupita Nyong'o, illustrated by Vashti Harrison. A story about beauty and loving who you are.

By Jacqueline Woodson

By Grace Byers, Illustrated by Keturah A. Bobo


Are you in the zone, ready to learn?

Images from Disney; Zones from Zones of Regulation

1, 2, 3

Low energy or sad. May need comfort and/or energizer

4, 5, 6

In the zone, ready to learn, feeling good.

7, 8

Some loss of control. May need a calming activity.

9, 10

Complete loss of control. Need help from adults and a calming strategy.