No Moore Crack, Please

"It didn't take long for crack to place a stranglehold on many communities. The Bronx was no exception"(127*).

In the early years of the 1980's a new drug hit the streets with full force. This drug was extremely powerful and was extraordinarily accessible. By 1987 in all but four states in america a person could easily buy and inevitably become addicted to one of the most deadly drugs in American history: Crack Cocaine. This rapid spread can be mainly attributed by the sheer amount of money crack brought in for drug gangs. In the 1980's the wide majority of cocaine being imported into the states was from the Bahamas(USDEA) and being smuggled in through south Florida. Towards the beginning of the decade the huge amount of cocaine was produced on the islands, greatly lowering prices as supply increased dramatically. Thus to make more money drug dealers began converting the cocaine into crack, a form of cocaine that people could smoke. This version of the drug was highly profitable to sell, first appearing in 1981(USDEA). As Westley describes, the drug was extremely bad for the community, "From the early 1980's to the end of the decade there was an almost 61% jump in the murder rate... In 2008, there were 417 homicides in New York city. In 1990, there were 2,605"(128). These homicides where only one effect of the introduction of crack.

In conclusion crack and its sudden popularity in the 1980's was indisputably a terrible event. Community's were overtaken by what was often termed 'rock'. As Westley states, people would do nearly anything for it, "A father who left his family and robbed his parents for money to buy rock. A pregnant mother who sold her body to get another hit. Someone's grandmother who blew her monthly social security check on crack"(127). The fact that it was massively addictive, dangerous, easy to get, and profitable for dealers made it incredible destructive to people and to communities, as more and more people - and kids - were forced to enter the trade to make money. Crack's destructive capabilities, especially in that era, are incontrovertible.

Crack Face

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