School Counseling Department

Welcome to the Gilmanton School Counseling Department!

It is our belief that the greatest success for our children comes from a partnership between home, school, and community. It is our hope that parents will be able to use these resources as a way to help reinforce ideas children learn at school in the home setting.

It is our mutual goal that each child develops the confidence, creativity, and independence to reach their full potential. We want our children to grow up feeling secure and good about who they are, enabling them to take pride in—and eventually take care of—themselves.

Throughout these pages you will find programs and services offered by the school counseling department, parent resources, web links and articles, along with ideas about what your children are learning with us. These web pages have been created as a parent guide. We hope that you will find them useful. Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns involving your child or a school based activity. We are here to help!