Fairy Tale Plays Once upon a Time............

S.T.E.M. Activity (Science. Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Building Better Ears ........ The better to hear you with my dear!

Can you hear me now?

Goldie Locks: Building a just right chair

These chairs are not too hard or too soft......they're just right!

Camping Day! The bears must have been too afraid to come in and bother us.

Heading out on the nature trail!

Finding animal prints in the snow.

Listening to bird calls

Hatching praying mantis eggs

Egg case = Ootheca

Saturday basketball tournament

We are so lucky! Check out our bulletin board writing pieces.

Building Leprechaun Traps!

Future Engineers...Maybe.

Hot Tub Anyone?

Getting into the fun!


Geniuses at work!

Don't worry...we don't want to trap you.

Brain power!

They left our class a note.

They pulled all of our cards to red!

Leprechauns Came....Leprechauns Destroyed!