Home of the Smarties

Welcome to Kindergarten!

January has been so much fun in Kindergarten! We have learned about snow, snowmen and the Arctic. We have done a couple of investigations on snow. We made snow! Really! We put shaving cream and baking soda together to make snow. It was soft, fluffy and cool. Then we sprayed vinegar on our snowballs and it bubbled! We also collected a tub full of snow, right to the top. It was soft, cold, and white. Then we observed it melting. When it melted we discovered that it did not fill the tub like it did when it was snow. The snow took up more space! Then it completely melted and the water was gray and dirty. We will not eat that again!. We are also making a snowflake, We can not wait to see how they look.

We are learning about the Arctic, the animals and people that live there. It is so cold there that the animals need fat or blubber to keep warm. Some animals have to change their color to survive. We are talking about the Arctic Fox, Walrus, Polar Bear, Snowy Owl and Seal.

When we complete our learning we will do some informative writing about our favorite Arctic animal. We will write facts about our animal, its habitat, and what it eats, how it moves and what it looks like.

SEADS has begun and the Smarties love the adventures that they are having. They have a lot to share.

We have learned how to play a game called KABOOM! It is so much fun! We use our sight words, letters, numbers and addition problems. If you get a KABOOM, you have to put all of your sticks back! Ugh!