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Welcome to the music department at the Gilmanton School!

I'm so excited to be making music with all of you! Here you'll find helpful links, forms, calendar updates, and information about each class and ensemble.

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What's happening?


Band and Chorus Parents,

This year is certainly flying by, isn’t it?

Because it’s moving along so very quickly, I have decided to make a big change to our concert calendar. In 13 years of teaching, I’ve never done this before, but I feel it prudent given the circumstances. After talking at length with the band and chorus students and administration, we have decided to cancel the upcoming winter concert scheduled for February 21st.

There are several reasons why I feel this is the best course of action moving forward.

The delay in having the holiday concert this year robbed us of a couple of weeks of vital rehearsal time in December. Snow days and other interruptions to the schedule (such as delays and early releases) have also hampered our ability to meet and begin new repertoire. I can’t imagine we’re out of snow days this year either (but one can hope, right?) and we have SEADS coming up for the rest of the month.

I would also like to challenge the bands and choirs with slightly more advanced repertoire. In order to help them feel successful and prepared, we need more time. They need more time to practice at home and we need more time together in rehearsal.

This means that we would be working toward the spring concerts in May with the Gilford bands and choirs and the Great East Festival (for 5-8th grades). As I’ve said, I believe that eliminating the February concert this year will keep your hard-working student musicians from becoming anxious or stressed in the coming weeks. While learning new music is not always easy, I feel that they have been put in a situation that does not set them up for success. My goal as a music teacher is not only to help each student become a competent, capable musician, but to help them enjoy becoming one! If they are constantly stressed and concerned about the upcoming concert, then they’re not having fun, and that’s what this is truly all about. Our joy is in making music- not cramming in as many concerts as possible just for the sake of having concerts.

I appreciate your constant support of your musician, and I hope this letter finds you well. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding this change. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.


Band and chorus parents,

As of today, December 8th, the weather forecast for the day of the holiday concert, December 12th doesn't look great! 3-5 inches of snow are expected throughout the day. If school is canceled or road conditions are poor in the evening, the concert will be postponed until Tuesday, December 19th at the same time, 6:30pm. If school is in session but we feel that travel that night would be too dangerous, you will receive another notice that afternoon informing you that the concert has been postponed. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Babcock at

12/12/17- The day of the Holiday concert has finally arrived! On Tuesday the 12th, all band and chorus members will be expected in the music room to get prepared for the concert no later than 6:00pm. The concert begins at 6:30 and should not last longer than an hour. Students are expected to stay for the entire concert! Concert attire and additional information can be found in the contracts below. See you there to listen to some fantastic seasonal music- a great way to kick off the holiday season!


Students may begin to sign up the for school-wide TALENT SHOW that will be hosted by the 5-8 band and chorus members on January 25 at 6pm. Any talent is welcome! Sign up on Mrs. Babcock's door. All sign ups must be received no later than NEXT FRIDAY 12/8!

Schedule 17/18

Please make note of start times in the morning. This schedule is to ensure that our ensembles have as much rehearsal time as possible to learn their craft and be fully prepared for each concert. If you have any questions or concerns about the start time of morning rehearsals, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Babcock.