Blizzard Bag Central

We are super excited to be bringing Blizzard Bags to Gilmanton School! Thank you for visiting our Blizzard Bag Central Page. General school-wide information will be here and individual teacher work will be found on teacher Websites. The specialists - PE, Art etc. - have lessons embedded within grade-level lessons. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask! Paula Mercier - Principal at 364-5681, or email . If you have specific questions for your child's teacher you may email them at any time.

Important Things to Know

The Blizzard Bag work does not have to be completed or handed in online. You may opt for the paper version which would be handed in the first school day following the blizzard bag day.

The Blizzard Bag work may be completed at any time once your child receives it. They do not have to wait until the actual day to complete their work. The beauty of the extended learning opportunity is the flexibility to do it when it works for them.

We will not have a blizzard bag day if there are widespread power outages. If your family has no power you may complete the hard copy version of the lesson that day.

There must be 80% or more students who complete the work for the day to count as a school day.

We will offer two days after school for students to do their Blizzard Bag work here at school but not during school hours. We will publish the dates for work sessions soon.

Teachers will be available via email during school hours 8:30 - 3:00, they will respond to questions within an hour of being asked on the blizzard bag day.

All educators are involved on Blizzard Bag Day in some capacity.

Parent Letter December 2019