5th Grade Team Page

What's Happening:

Team News:

Daily Schedule

Lockers at arrival

7:30-7:40 Advisory

7:40- 8:25 Block A

8:25- 9:10 UA (Blue & Gold rotate)

9:10-9:55 Block B

9:55 -10:40 Block C

Lockers before lunch

10:40-11:25 Lunch & Recess

11:25-12:10 Block D

12:10- 12:55 Block E


12:55 - 1:35 Success Block

1:35 - 2:05 Flex Block

This schedule is posted for students on the pod and they have been given a copy of what they have at each block to carry in their yellow take home folders.

Success Block is a class when students are assigned to a class that supports them receive what they need to be successful in middle school. These classes will rotate every 6 weeks.

Flex Block is a time for students to connect for extra help or clarification from teachers, to work on skills or advisory activities, or to participate in band sectionals or combined chorus.


Planners: Students should be filling in their planners daily with their homework & any reminders. We encourage parents to check their child's planner daily.

Homework email: An email is sent home each day to inform parents about homework assignments. This is meant as a back up plan, not a replacement for planners. Please help us keep students accountable & maintaining a good habit of filling out/using their planners.

Powerschool: We encourage students and parents to be checking Powerschool weekly. This is a great place to check if there are any missing assignments or assignments that need to be reassessed on. There also may be notes about the assignment in general or notes about your student's assignment (see "view"). Please note that each teacher has their own reassessment policy & that most teachers need about a week to put in new grades. Thank you for your patience!

Classtag: Most advisors have started using Classtag to send information, reminders, and share photos. Check with your child's advisor if you did not receive an invitation to their page.