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Links to online text books:

  • Students use their school login and passwords for all textbooks

iScience - Connect Ed:

Math in Focus -

Journey Through Time - Individual Chapters are available in PDF form in our Google Classroom Drive Folder

Important Class Information

  • Assessments: The following areas will all be taken into consideration when evaluating student performance:
    • Knowing and Understanding
    • Investigating
    • Critical Thinking
    • Communicating
    • Content
    • Organization
    • Style and Language
    • Producing Text
  • Homework Expectations: Anything that is not finished in class is expected to be finished at home. Some assignments will need more time and my expectation is that students will complete them at home. Students run into problems when they complete 85% of a project in class and then fail to take the time to complete the remainder at home. I rely on parents to support strong academic behaviors and encourage students to complete their work on time.
  • Personal Management / Behavior Learning Targets: Academic behaviors are absolutely critical for student success. These behaviors are often indicators for a student’s performance on a summative assessment. We will focus on the following skills throughout the year:
    1. Managing responsibilities
    2. Self-directing Learning
    3. Communicating and working within a group.
  • How parents/students will access information about classwork/homework
  • Students are expected to bring a planner to class and use it. Students should also check my Google Classroom which I'll update daily with the agenda and any HW assignment. You can join the classroom by going to my class site for instructions:
  • Handouts: Students are provided hard copies of all assignments in class, but some (if not most) assignments will be available digitally via the website.
  • Independent Reading: Expectation is the student will have a free reading with them during all core classes. They can check out books from our school library before/after school or during WIN time with prior permission. I also have a classroom library that students are welcome to borrow books from.
  • How Parents Can Help
    • Follow up with your student– ask to see their work and completed assignments
    • Establish good homework routines and hold students accountable for doing their best work.
    • Encourage students to reflect on their successes and failures.
    • Help students solve their own problems.