Miss Hawkins' Class

Please check in daily Monday through Friday for updated lessons, ideas, and activities. I will be available for immediate response to any questions, concerns, or thoughts you want to discuss between 9:00-1:00 each week day. I will respond to questions asked outside this time frame as promptly as possible, but a response may not be immediate. Please use the tabs at the top of this page to access different content areas. This page and the activities are meant to be a guide for you. Scroll down on this home page to access unified arts assignments.

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Question of the Week

  • Each week I will ask a question that you can respond to via email throughout the week.
  • I will post your responses on our Gallery / What We've Been Up To tab so we can keep in touch and see what are classmates are working on and thinking about!

Question for Week 6

Question for Week 5

Question for Week 4

April showers bring...

Question for Week 3

What is your favorite board, card, or dice game to play with your family?

Question for Week 2...

What does it mean to feel proud? What is something that you are proud of?

Question for Week 1

What are some of the signs of spring you are seeing, hearing, or feeling? You can respond with a list, pictures, story, or any way you choose! I can't wait to see your responses!!!

Mrs. Leathers - Reading Specialist

Please check out Mrs. Leather's site for more information on all things reading for Kindergarten!