Grade 8 Homework

English/Language Arts

Hello everyone,

We are very much aware that you are all probably freaking out to some degree about this whole "remote" learning deal. We understand and will do our very best to keep you educationally sound and not going crazy trying to find resources.

So, for ELA here is what you will need to do from now until I see you next....

Must Do:

Read Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis- this is an excellent novel and we have started it together so you do have a good amount of background and should be up to Chapter 5.

You can listen to the audiobook on youtube to help ease your reading and you will be given the worksheets with questions for "active reading" via school bags (also in google docs) to be sent home. I will put a copy of the novel in the "pick up bags too".

Here are the links to the questions but I will also put these on Google Classroom!

Review Questions:

Here are the questions for chapters 5-End of the book! These will be graded!

Project Assessment: The Bud, Not Buddy Kite project will still be due but I will give you time if you are not 100% complete when we return to school. Just do your best to either do a virtual presentation via google slides, adobe spark book trailer or prezi and 3 paragraph summary of the book or a kite project and summary of the book. You do not need to type the summary unless you want to!

I can be reached at anytime if you need help- feel free to e-mail, call or text! During this time especially, I am a phone call away!

603-394-5086 let me know if you need help with anything!

I am available to chat via Zoom Sessions every day and I will be posting in Google Classroom for you to keep the communication open!

Mrs. Adams

Just do your best.... the rest will come!

Extra Credit: If you want to go above and beyond and have some extra time you can do some of these activities:

Task: (read and then summarize with some notes in your own words)

Task- DO and Print!