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4th Grade Step-Up Day!

Our 4th grade students will have a "step-up day" on Tuesday, June 8th at Vilas Middle School. All 4th graders will have the opportunity to meet their 5th grade teachers for next year, as well as see their classrooms! We will have a tour of Vilas, a tour of the 5th grade classrooms, Q&A with current 5th graders, and time to meet the other 4th graders!

Please reach out to your student's School Counselor with any questions about Step-Up Day.

We're so excited to spend some time with our soon-to-be 5th graders!

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Coping Skills & Online Resources

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School Counselors splitting schools

As you know, I (Jodie Brown) have been covering all four schools in the Alstead Attendance Area for 5 years. I am SO happy that Ms. Wrath will be joining me this year as the 2nd full time counselor!

We have recently decided to split our 4 schools, We are now each covering 2. This will allow for consistency with our teachers, students, and families.

This was a very difficult decision to make as I have grown very close with students and staff in all four buildings! I look forward to seeing APS and SP students in the middle school!!! - Mrs. Brown 🤗

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