Unity School District collaborated with Montshire Museum during the 2016 17 school year. Here is Ms. Griffin and Ms. Bessler's grade k-1 students working on the unit Balls and Ramps . They received their supplies from the Montshire Children's Museum as part of their partnership with them. The students learned first about different types of balls, and later about how far the ball might go depending on the ramps.


The kindergarten class learned about the life cycle of a butterfly. They watched several monarch caterpillars grow, form into a chrysalis, then emerge as a beautiful butterfly which they released outside

This year in Ms. Bates 3rd grade class, students studied:

  • animal characteristics
  • vertebrates
  • invertebrates
  • planting
  • building a greenhouse
  • creating water cycles!

Below students are learning about the concept of the force of a push to move objects. Students learned to record data to prove which object required more force to move, a small block or a paper clip.​

During Bluff School's science night, students with their families started to plant seeds for their vegetable garden which the entire school planted outside on Friday, June 2 as part of Bluff's Beautification Day.

Chemistry at SHS

The students in Mrs. Alteva’s classes investigated and studied the nature of different chemical reactions. Throughout the experiments, they learned how to determine the indicators for chemical reactions/chemical changes, and the types of the chemical reactions.

Cornish Elementary School

Students in the photos are primarily tinkering in our makerspace, where they're learning circuitry basics and completing construction challenges with different building materials. There are a couple of photos from the egg drop challenge, where students are designing carriers to place their eggs in. They had to consider air resistance, acceleration, and force of impact. They also had to justify why they chose the materials and design that they did.

Grade 3 at Disnard

Each student in Ms. Buckley's 3rd grade selected a planet in our Solar System. They researched the planet and presented their research in various ways. Some students created posters, dioramas or a tri-fold. Here are two examples of finished work.